Anonymous: you actually look like a legitimate whore tho seriously tone down on the make-up slut

ok first of all i’m not even wearing that much makeup and even if i was, my makeup still literally has nothing to do with the amount of guys i’ve slept with 

second, you’ve just spammed me with a bunch of irrelevant hate that has nothing to do with this blog

third, you don’t even have the balls to tell me this shit in one message, let alone off anon i know you’re just a butthurt mrb1 fan

Anonymous: jacksgap isnt even a beauty guru don't even fucking start

no one’s starting anything about jacksgap wtf

Anonymous: I hope you've realized Madisenrosebeauty1 on tumblr isn't the real maddi.

i never said it was you fucking imbecile everyone knows that tumblr’s a fake 

Anonymous: What do you think of Lilisimply?

that one bitch with the really long hair? i love her <3 i know she’s more of a style channel than a makeup channel and i’ve said this a million times probably but i don’t like hauls or ootw or lookbooks but i love hers

Anonymous: Did u just insult Harry potter??

Ya what u gon do bout it son

Anonymous: #CanUNot

13 yr old white girl alert

"ha lol i don’t care" is exactly what I want on my tombstone it describes me perfectly

Anonymous: Your fake & disrespectful. I feel like your blog was created just to hate on people when you dont actually know their true feelings or views + you dont personally know them. I dont give a single fuck about your reply or you may say "ha lol i dont care" because i dont need your smart attitude or remark. Im requesting this blog to get permantly taken down because its so offensive & rude. & i dont care that your stupid fake ass doesnt give a shit. I hope you burn in hell bitch.

"ha lol i don’t care"

Anonymous: I really think that you would like clothesencounters, shes not fake at all and has a ridiculously amazing vocabulary and shit good style. You should give her a try

I’ve been watching her videos since the very beginning ever since Sarah was still there

Anonymous: lmaooo I saw one of maddi's videos and she is so bad at makeup also she looks 10 wtf lol